3 Top LinkedIn Tips for Law Firms

3 Top LinkedIn Tips for Law Firms

3 Top LinkedIn Tips for Law Firms

Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn and all the top law firms are there. If you don’t have a company page your individual attorneys will be “orphaned” and you will appear unprofessional. Creating a company page is no longer an option.

LinkedIn is a professional network built primarily for individuals who are experts in their profession and of course connected to a firm. Spreading your informative and valuable content helps you get the most out of LinkedIn for both individual attorneys but also the firm as a whole.

LinkedIn provides an attorney with an opportunity to be much more business oriented than on Facebook and Twitter. While sharing valuable and current content, offer up a promotion once you have built up a certain trust level with a professional group or individual.

Here are 3 top LinkedIn tips for your law firm to get started:

1. Sign up and create a complete and compelling profile. Be sure to research and implement keywords that people would use when searching for you. Ditto for the Company Page you set up separately. 

2. Join a few relevant groups and think about LinkedIn groups you would like to start. It is important to just go along with a group’s activity at first to get an idea of how people act and what is trending. Listen before you speak and always aim to be helpful.

3. Answer questions on LinkedIn Answers to share your knowledge to build your brand. Position yourself as an authority and give freely from your knowledge and experience.