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5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic & Reader Involvement

Our List of: 5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic & Reader Involvement

Ever feel as though you are writing to yourself on your blog? Are you wondering what readers are thinking? Am I educating and captivating? Did I achieve what I set out to do? Writing a blog is tricky business and can feel daunting at times.  Never fear! Below is our list of 5 ways to increase your blog traffic and increase reader involvement.

1. Social Networking:

Be active on multiple Social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Etc…). Interact with your followers and engage in conversation, offer links to special interest articles that pertain to your business.

2. Guest Blog Posts:

Trade guest posts with experts in your field. If they do a guest post for you on your blog and then add a link to their readers on their social media sites, you’re likely to get new readers and followers.

3. Automate Your Sharing:

There are plug-ins that can be applied to your blog so that every time you post an article, it will automatically share your featured image and content to your social networking sites.

4. SEO:

Utilize SEO to optimize your content for every post. Use the keyword research tools so that when others go looking for information, your blog is the first to appear in the search results.

5. Get Involved:

Comment on other expert’s blogs and social media posts including links to your blog posts. When you start a conversation with others, they are not only likely to get involved, but will visit your blog again.