Intersect enthusiasm, optimism, and strategy with a sprinkle of sarcasm, and there I am.
You’ll also find outspoken me internationalizing (when I have time), building relationships (second nature), and seeking out the extraordinary in that we call life. What is ordinary? Nearly nothing, if you take the time to stay curious, hungry, and open.


As most I have made some hard but, irregretable, choices.
They say it builds character.
They say I have a lot of that, and here’s possibly why…

Studying people, human nature and how we communicate to build meaningful relationships is my passion, always has been. But, it wasn’t until several years after graduating from law school I owned up to my passion for blending creative story-crafting with the design and psychology of communication. I initiated, created and directed the marketing and communication efforts at my law firm where I’d worked for nearly a decade and realized I was smitten with a practice having little to do with the law. I left this firm to launch my own online marketing company in 2009. Though I’ve never looked back, my legal background lends itself well for insight to what lawyers, law firms, and a few other regulated or politically sensitive industries require to be protected while successfully promoted in an ever-evolving online sphere. This is part of my unique, odd, sometimes uncomfortable, and very happy character-building story.

If you’re looking for someone who will make the time and passion to interpret, express and position your business uniquely online, you’re in the right place.

Identifying the unique story of your business is crucial to successfully building your life’s work. Though most business landscapes are fiercely competitive, there is only one you, with your story and your reasons for doing what you do, in the manner you’ve chosen.

Building meaningful business relationships online reflecting you and your business offline, in real life, with real results is what I do and who I am.

If you are looking for hasty results in quantity, rather than quality, we are not a good fit, and that’s fine. But, if you have questions or curiosities about the latest online strategies to evolve your business, or how to separate yourself from what others simply call competition, we should talk!

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HessConnect is not in the business of reaching the masses. If you are selective about who you work with, we are likely a good fit.

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Let’s get personal.

Much like the passion triggers of my business, I’m easily impassioned by all things under, in, or on our oceans. Whether surfing the internet or waves, diving deep into content psychology or along underwater parks, the salt from both sweat and ocean has always done me good. Fortunately, my family feels similarly, mostly harmoniously. Husband even works on complicated water projections (that quite honestly make my eyes glaze over sometimes). My pre-teen daughter (going on twenty) applies an uncanny discipline, humor and design eye for online artistry when we’re not making a splash offline somehow. I have a thing (or more) to learn from her, like understanding that peace and crazy can co-exist.

With life, family, relationships, and business, there is little without passion even when,
and perhaps because, the pace is beyond comfortable.
They say growth happens beyond your comfort level.
I’m comfortably uncomfortable often.