Twitter Vine - how to use it for your business

Can Vine Help You Climb in the Social Media World?

What is Vine?

Vine, the latest network available for Social Media, is a six second video sharing app. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, you can follow users, comment and “like”, “<3” or in Vine’s case “:)” a video. Vine has been available to iPhone users since the beginning of the year and was released to Android users this month, making it one of the most downloaded apps this year.

6 Ways Your Brand Can Use Vine

Not every social media network is for every company, however, Vine offers endless creative opportunities for most companies. This is our list of potential business uses for Vine:

  1. Post a how-to video
  2. A message from the CEO
  3. Introduce the launch of a new product or service
  4. Post a Viral Vine video to create buzz about your company
  5. Connect with suppliers, subcontractors, clients and customers
  6. Offer tips and advice to customers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a microvideo could achieve for your company.

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How Vine Has Been Used

Vine is no exception to spreading News across the globe at lightning speed. Just this week Vine user Lucio Amorim posted a Vine showing the thousands of protesters in Rio de Janeiro which went viral on twitter. Daft Punk announced the track list for its new album via Vine. Even the Boston Marathon bombing went viral on vine.

There is Plenty of Room to Grow

Vine is still new and not without its flaws, but like every social media apps before it, upgrades will improve its functioning. In fact, the co-founders Dom Hofmann and Rus Yuspov released a few teaser Vines updates that are to come in the very near future.

Like all social media accounts used for business purposes, Vine needs to be monitored for proper use of all administrators of the account, as well as comments by followers.

JK Rowling was years ahead when she imagined moving photographs for the Harry Potter series. Looks like Harry Potter fanatics, finally have the ability to bewitch photos into looping videos. Almost makes you wonder, why didn’t we think of this sooner?