legal marketing is about relationships, not transactions

Legal Marketing is About Relationships, Not Transactions

Legal marketing is about relationships, not transactions. Clients are really buying lawyers or law firms, and this is a unique aspect of legal marketing for the law firm. It wasn’t always legal, but even law firms need marketing and public relations teams to manage relationships, public image and draw in more business as Sal Christ, […]

Ethical dilemmas for Attorneys Using LinkedIn Specialities

The Ethical Dilemma of LinkedIn Specialties, Skills, and Endorsements

Professional websites like LinkedIn can increase lawyers’ exposure and benefit their practices. With 187 million unique visitors each month, more than 68% of attorneys say they use LinkedIn to engage other professionals or potential clients. Even a widely used professional networking site such as LinkedIn presents a number of potential ethical conundrums for attorneys and […]

Rapid Changes to Attorney Advertising Online

Rapid Changes in Attorney Advertising Online – A Case to Watch

“Even President Abraham Lincoln—who advertised his legal services as a lawyer in newspapers in the early 1850s—would run afoul of the state’s rules.” At least that’s what five named partners of Florida law firm Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley claim in a pending federal lawsuit against the Florida Bar. In Searcy v. Florida Bar, […]

Is Law Firm's Blogging Commercial Speech?

Is Your Law Firm’s Blog Commercial Speech?

In an environment of never-ending news cycles, minute-to-minute attention spans, intense competition for potential clients, and perpetual pressure for professional self-promotion, blogscan be an exceptional platform for lawyers or law firms to easily and immediately publish meaningful information that is both usable and digestible to viewers. New platforms – including blogs – necessitate that attorneys […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from HessConnect

Happy Holidays! Here are Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Optimize your Online Engagement. HessConnections monthly newsletters, offer three tiered updates… Effective applications for businesses generally Attorney and law firm specific online optimization Spotlight Connect Premium newsletter including the most recent updates, legislation, rulings and opinions for the online legal industry Please share if you believe a friend, their business or professional practice could […]

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Online Legal Marketing: Find Your Style and Understand Your Client

Online legal marketing is not just about blogging and tweeting random pieces of legal information.  Although there’s something to be said for varying your content to attract a diverse audience, it also helps if you concentrate your online legal marketing efforts within a certain sphere.  In order to target your audience, and in your online legal […]

social media strategies promoting your legal services

Social Media Strategy Promoting Your Legal Services

Create a social media strategy promoting your legal services because they’re talking about your #lawfirm – #getaheadofthecurve! Whether you like it or not, potential clients are already talking about you and your law firm on social media sites. The problem is that you haven’t weighed in. To put it bluntly, there’s a conversation taking place—about you and about your […]