legal marketing is about relationships, not transactions

Legal Marketing is About Relationships, Not Transactions

Legal marketing is about relationships, not transactions. Clients are really buying lawyers or law firms, and this is a unique aspect of legal marketing for the law firm. It wasn’t always legal, but even law firms need marketing and public relations teams to manage relationships, public image and draw in more business as Sal Christ, […]

sure fire legal marketing tips

10 Surefire Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Is your law firm using these 10 surefire legal marketing tips? Law firm marketing involves an increasingly important online involvement and specifically on social media. As marketing budgets grow there are a variety of alternatives that present themselves to law firms seeking to establish their brand and become more competitive. Marketing consultant Jonha Revesencio recently published 10 […]

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Online Legal Marketing: Find Your Style and Understand Your Client

Online legal marketing is not just about blogging and tweeting random pieces of legal information.  Although there’s something to be said for varying your content to attract a diverse audience, it also helps if you concentrate your online legal marketing efforts within a certain sphere.  In order to target your audience, and in your online legal […]


Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest

Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest In previous weeks we’ve explored the Social Media Demographics of Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter. Now we are going to delve into Pinterest. Pinterest is a Social Media website that allows the user to “pin” an image to a virtual pinboard and share them with others.  With […]