Is Law Firm's Blogging Commercial Speech?

Is Your Law Firm’s Blog Commercial Speech?

In an environment of never-ending news cycles, minute-to-minute attention spans, intense competition for potential clients, and perpetual pressure for professional self-promotion, blogscan be an exceptional platform for lawyers or law firms to easily and immediately publish meaningful information that is both usable and digestible to viewers. New platforms – including blogs – necessitate that attorneys […]


Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest

Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest In previous weeks we’ve explored the Social Media Demographics of Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter. Now we are going to delve into Pinterest. Pinterest is a Social Media website that allows the user to “pin” an image to a virtual pinboard and share them with others.  With […]


Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Two LinkedIn

Last week we talked about understanding the demographic for Facebook. This week we are going to talk about LinkedIn. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a Social Network that focuses on building business relationships and networking with business professionals. Currently there are over 20 million users. Of adults who use the Internet, 22% use LinkedIn. The […]

Development of Unique Real Estate Website Design

This Month’s Spotlight: Real Estate Website Design and Development

This Month’s Spotlight: Website Design Pacific Harmony Real Estate Pacific Harmony Real Estate needed to refresh and re-configure it’s online presence. HessConnect created a website that is visually appealing, relevant to the specific selling areas and provides prospects resources above and beyond what most realtors offer. A very specific MLS feed was researched and highly […]