FB ad buying

Facebook Updates: Ad Buying Platforms

FB ad buying

Advertisers: Have a reason to celebrate!

Two weeks ago, in an effort to streamline their ad buying platforms, Facebook revealed a major update to Ad Manager and Power Editor.

Historically, both of these platforms have been difficult and cumbersome to work with. Advertisers begin the process by first identifying their objective. Then they are then directed to the most appropriate Advertisement. The location of the advertisement is then up to the advertiser. This is much more logical; compared to the previous systems where the Ad was chosen and then the object of the Ad determined.

Another exciting development is the incorporation of multiple photos for one campaign – up to five can run at one time.

Analytic Dashboard

The updates to the analytics board will help determine which of your campaigns is performing best via the sort options. Changes can be made quickly so that you are not losing potential business from an underperforming advertisement.