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The following is a list of frequently asked questions that I am often requested to explain to contacts and clients. You may wish to read the entire page of questions and answers or just select your specific questions by browsing the sections below.

Why get excited about Social Media?

Social media provides companies with an opportunity to build strong, two-way relationships with customers so they may directly respond to a brand’s messages and creating content on their own via blogs, tweets, Facebook post and many other available platforms.

Hess Connect is not in this business to make a quick buck riding a passing trend. We truly believe in the power of social media and believe it is here to stay, though the specific applications used will constantly evolve. Through social media we have orchestrated and produced many successful returns on well planned strategies. Hess Connect takes social media very seriously and it is truly our passion that helps us stay on top of this fast paced environment we feel is full of opportunities.

User-generated Content? Sounds dangerous…

True – brands are not in full control anymore because clients can now create content and post it on the brand’s own marketing channels. However, most of this user-generaged content is very supportive. With careful oversight however, even criticism can be turned into an excellent opportunity to interact in a manner showcasing your brand’s integrity. Monitoring regularly while providing genuine and timely interactions with viewers on your platform is key in all strategies and campaigns.

Does Social Media work well for B2B?

Yes, but differently than B2C companies. If you have a great consumer product, generating buzz and leads to promote brand loyalty is most important. In the B2B space, social media is used primarily to provide easily accessible information within circles of decision makers and to further connections with key decision makers and influencers.

Does Social Media replace other forms of Marketing?

No. Social media is a crucial part of your marketing mix, but it cannot be your sole marketing activity. Traditional marketing including trade shows, webinars, seminars, white papers, newsletters, email marketing campaigns are still important along side PR and advertising.
Hess Connect has built long-term relationships with agencies offering many of these traditional marketing channels who have proven to share in the same sense of obligation towards their clientele. This way, our clients can spend their time focusing on managing and growing their business while Hess Connect coordinates a meaningful social media strategy with other traditional marketing tools to find the optimal blend for your business.

How do you measure Social Media results?

With B2C clients, a combination of Google Analytics and a few other reputable and proven sources are used to create monthly reports. Hess Connect generally expects to see social media sites among the top external referrers to a client’s website, as well as a very high level of engagement and influence. With B2B clients, rather than achieving a wide social reach, the focus is more on connecting with specific hand-picked influencers in the most relevant space.

I want an attractive website for my business, but I’m not sure what to include. Where do I start?

With the ever changing resources and technology it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the online marketing choices. Their specialty is the nature of the business they’ve created. Our specialty is marketing businesses through unique online and print approaches. We take the stress out of creating marketing resources that perfectly represent your brand and needs with our initial strategy analysis and questionnaire.

Everyone’s talking about SEO. Can you make my website SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking criteria is ever changing, but as a busy business owner you may not have the time to stay current with every little change. Our SEO experts will ensure your website and content keep your business rated high on searches targeting your business specialty.

SEO covers a variety of areas and we offer a range of support services including;

  • Keyword research
  • Review of your existing content and structure
  • SEO friendly content development for your website and marketing campaigns
  • SEO training for your team
  • Website development

Unanswered question?

What questions do you have related to your professional online presence? Let us know and we’ll do our best to answer!

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