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Google’s Hummingbird Update

Last week, in celebration of its 15th birthday, Google announced a change in its search engine algorithm. The algorithm change known as Hummingbird, expands possible searches to include phrases, or questions whereas the previous search engine was set to search using only keywords. Unlike previous algorithm updates, Hummingbird is a complete replacement, something Google has not done in twelve years.

So how does Hummingbird effect your SEO Strategy?

The update means that Google’s search engine will be looking less at keywords and will be more interested in the intent behind the content. It is about filtering out irrelevant results in searches. This change is in response to the ever changing and growing internet. People want to ask specific questions and spend less time filtering through their results to find an answer.

Are you maintaining your Google Ranking?

Make sure that your content answers questions that people are seeking. Also, identify needs, problems, intent and provide the answers or solutions.

Be sure that you are utilizing your Social Media Strategy and be engaged with your followers.

According to SEO experts, as long as your SEO strategy has been successfully done correctly before the Hummingbird update, it should continue to do so.