Google's latest updates demand quality content

Google’s Latest Updates Demand Quality Content

Google is constantly refining its algorithm to bring the most relevant, fresh results to the top. While there are some high profile changes (such as Panda and Penguin), many of these occur without any big announcements. In fact, Google has made approximately 20 major changes to its algorithm this past year already. These updates include 500-600 algorithmic changes which will affect how your website or any online presence is found.  It is important to stay on top of these updates. HessConnect ensures our clients are updated on a regular basis to most effectively respond to any Google updates.

A website must do everything possible to reach the top results for its particular keywords. This is why Google’s latest updates demand quality content, with your unique keywords in all the right and relevant places to provide the most value to your audience. No one better than an attorney knows to stay within best practices. Providing online visibility to a number of discerning law firms over the last few years, HessConnect uses highly vetted SEO practices that reflect current best practices, transparency, and accountability.

First off, the coding needs to be clean and solid. Google will see if there are any breaks or other coding issues when indexing. To you, this translates to a drop off most search engine’s first few pages – a real downer for visibility!

Second, we find the most relevant and high quality keywords all staying within the general framework of your industry, while also tapping into the story of what makes your particular company, organization or law firm unique. When someone is looking for what you have to offer, their online search must match your legal offerings on many levels. Though an online platform including your website and social media profiles may not provide legal advice, your firm positions itself in a valuable and meaningful manner by directing people to the relevant statutes or other resources.

Finally, it is crucial to a law firm’s SEO plan that it includes a regularly populated blog. Offering fresh and relevant content is the single most important thing you can provide your audience and Google. Google will push stale pages out and away from on page rankings, and your audience. Remember, the blog is not to be used merely as a promotional piece. It should educate, entertain and inspire. Use an approximate 80-20 rule – 80% shares, valuable resources, and story telling while only 20% leans toward the promotional side.

Because of our own legal background and primary focus on attorneys, HessConnect knows how to create a high quality and responsive online presence for law firms. Our overall maintenance, quite simply, is based on the 3S’s: Setup, Strategize, and Schedule. To learn how HessConnect can help contribute to your law firm’s quality growth, contact us today.


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