HessConnect Launches Expanded Internet Marketing Services (Press Release)

San Diego, CA, May 06, 2013 –(PR.com)–

Premiere internet marketers HessConnect has launched its new website, presenting expanded service offerings and resources for consumers.

In addition to the social media campaigns that HessConnect has been known for, customers can now also obtain comprehensive web design, branding, and search engine optimization services.

The launch of HessConnect’s new website has incorporated much of the services that the firm offers to its clientele – smart internet marketing resources and clean web design. Leaders in branding, internet marketing, web design, and social media, Hess Connect continues to redefine San Diego internet marketing.

Said CEO Viveca Hess, “We’re proud of the new design and the new direction of the company. Happy customers had long asked us what more we could do for them. And now our answer is that we can provide all of their internet marketing needs from website design to content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.”

Hess Connect’s bevy of internet marketing services include tested and proven techniques to help customers gain more website traffic and convert more revenue. Whether a business is small or large, they can benefit from the dynamic services that Hess Connects offers. This includes the following services:

Website design-

all businesses need a website to remain competitive in this day and age. The best websites offer clean code, streamlined navigation, dynamic visuals, and superior content. Websites that miss the mark miss out on converting traffic into paying customers. Hess Connect’s website design offers businesses the opportunity to capture much of the revenue that could have been lost to poor website design.

Social media marketing-

the world has gone social. To remain competitive, businesses are jumping onto social media platforms to engage fans and convert them into paying customers. Hess Connect can structure a well defined social media marketing plan that encourages brand loyalty and drives customers to the primary website.

Content marketing-

the internet runs on content. As content consumers, internet visitors are seeking to be entertained, informed, and to find solutions to their problems. Hess Connect is skilled in creating content that captures the attention of consumers, channeling traffic back to the primary website.

Search engine optimization-

businesses that want to remain competitive must have an edge to skyrocket to the top. This edge is search engine optimization. Using proven techniques, Hess Connect can gain more traffic to establish a business as a leader in their industry.
Hess Connect is a local San Diego internet marketing company with global marketing capabilities. Businesses seeking an edge are encouraged to call this dynamic team today to find out how their internet marketing could improve. (888) 456-7878

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About Hess Connect: Hess Connect is a top internet marketing firm based out of San Diego, CA. Offering clients services from web design to search engine optimization, content marketing, branding, and social media marketing, Hess Connect helps businesses to rise above the crowd.

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