Online legal marketing: key elements

Key Elements to Online Legal Marketing

Online legal marketing: key elements

Online legal marketing: key elements

3 Key Elements to a Powerful Online Presence: Online Legal Marketing, Social Media Best Practices, Story Telling for Law Firms

Establishing an online presence can seem daunting at first – there’s a lot of different ground to cover. Let’s discuss three key elements your law firm can implement to establish a powerful online presence:

Online Legal Marketing

While this is an incredibly broad topic, it can be broken down into further subsets. Most law firms will find success with a mixture of the following strategies:

  • Targeted contextual advertisements
  • Broad display advertisements to a relevant demographic
  • Proper reputation and review management
  • An active, engaging social media presence (more below)

And, of course, many other strategies.

Of particular note are online reviews and general reputation management – firms should pay close attention to their performance on platforms like Yelp or Avvo. These are the “modern day” versions of word-of-mouth advertising and their importance cannot be overstated.

To gain more detailed insight into online legal marketing, read more at Hess Connect.

Social Media Best Practices

Perhaps a single word can be used to encapsulate the best practice for social media: consistency.

Maintaining an active, engaging, and genuinely interesting or helpful online presence not only adds to the legitimacy of a law firm, but can also serve as a powerful lead generation platform.

Story Telling for Law Firms

Story telling isn’t just a good way for potential clients to learn more about your firm – it’s one of the most powerful selling tools available. Telling a story gives you the opportunity to share your proudest moments and explain why you are the right choice. Stories can come in many forms, and you may find that the particularly noteworthy ones will serve as advertising cornerstones for years to come.

Stories can be presented as blog posts, within email or physical newsletters, or in brochures and handouts.

Wrapping it Up

Establishing an online presence is a time consuming, detailed process, though most businesses would agree that the effort pays off in spades – if that presence is also properly maintained. To learn more about how Hess Connect can be of service to your firm, please feel more than welcome to contact us today for personalized assistance.


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