Readable blogging

Readable Blogging

Write Readable Blogs!

Attracting readers to your engagement and conversations requires you step way outside your comfort zone.  Really, stepping into another’s needs, desires, and aspirations.  As you write imagine sitting down with one of your best friends and having a hearty conversation. Use easily pronounced words, that make sense and have meaning to the listener.

Here are a few essentials for readable blogging that will capture attention and increase visibility to those most relevant to your outreach.  Thanks to Copyblogger for assembling some really important points about easy blogging principles that will have you generating leads in no time.

1. Craft a magnetic headline. This may be the ONLY chance and impression you have to captivate, so make it count.

2. Open with a bang. Capture imagination and make the reader curious about what lies beneath.

3. Use persuasive words. First decide why certain words are powerful to your particular audience (so, yes, you must know exactly who your audience is).

4. Write well. Remember, everything you write begins and ends with a sentence. If you want to be a great writer, write great sentences.  Length of sentence has less to do with any spectacular end result than saying the right things.

5. Insert powerful bullet points. Our attentions spans are short for several reasons, both personal and practical. Keeping it short and sweet with bulleted points is easy to digest into our action packed schedules.

6. Don’t forget exquisite subheadings. Keep blocks of text short. The longer the block of text, the more likely your readers will turn into scanners, thus risking a miss on any relevant topic.

7. Be seductive. As with any great movie or book, it all begins with a character in conflict which is later amplified in some stunning manner. Enticing blogs also need a hero, a conflict, goals and a mentor, moral or resolution that eases the pain.

8. Offer up Cliffhangers.