While using tools like social media can grow visibility, strengthen brand position and build meaningful business relationships, there are also continually evolving rules of responsibility, advertising and ethics to consider. This is where HessConnect helps. I let you do what you do best—representing your clients—while I implement, manage and meticulously oversee your online media presence. Think of HessConnect as your watchful eyes, interpreter and protector as we grow your client base through thoughtful, carefully managed qualitative marketing.

Case Studies


Estate Planning Law Firm

San Diego, United States

  • 2000% engagement increase
  • Double client increase

Alexander & Associates law firm had been using what I refer to as the “spray and pray” tactic with little strategy, and therefore minimum return or engagement for client growth.

Partnering with the law firm of Alexander & Associates, I did an in-depth audit of marketing assets, evaluated those components that worked and tossed the rest. I then assembled a detailed and clear 6 month campaign for their online strategy. Based on this online strategy, we also created an editorial calendar including just the right mix of internal events, shared content, and original copy content that suited this particular firm’s target audience. This results-driven and focused strategy resulted in a nearly 2000% engagement increase on two chosen online platforms within a few months. The increased engagement also brought a near double client increase


Large Downtown Law Firm

San Diego, United States

  • Created monthly milestones
  • Goals are now being met, measured and streamlined

Alexander Cohen was a partner in a law firm with an online image and brand that was highly visible and drew a relatively steady stream of engagement. This firm knew its audience well and how to reach, touch and accommodate their online following. However, they were on a treadmill barely keeping all the balls in the air without real, tangible results.

After partnering with this dynamic firm, HessConnect created a long-term campaign plan that included most importantly, monthly milestones relevant to their specific goals. To do this, we needed to measure and track online marketing efforts. A user friendly, analytical dashboard to measure and track these milestones was implemented. To ensure this was efficiently managed, I did some hand-holding via either screen sharing or in-person consulting for a a few months, then handed over a streamlined management plan to their in-house team. Goals are now being met, measured and streamlined to save time for other purposes, like…lawyering!


Small Estate-Planning Firm

San Diego, United States

  • Evolved client services
  • Doubled client base

One of the most common misconceptions I hear when speaking with attorneys is that they feel they have to choose between traditional marketing channels and online strategies. These tools are not mutually exclusive! The Law Office of Kathryn P. Cooney firm had a few strategies that worked for them in the past, so we kept these! However, let’s get real here – online media is not a passing trend (and hasn’t been for the past decade). Without replacing what works, it should be an important aspect of your overall marketing efforts.

Because some strategies had worked well in the past for the law firm of Kathryn P. Cooney, I held on to those practices and refined, combined and elevated their presence by adding select online channels in a non-disruptive manner to move this firm from a steady state to an actively engaged and updated platform. The trick is to make this shift in a way that breathes new life into your services while keeping the familiar that connected your audience from the past. Adding an updated online layer to their marketing presence not only evolved their services, but also allowed this firm to connect with an entirely new audience, thereby increasing their client base and bottom line.

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