Looking to connect and communicate with global audiences? Are you expanding into new international markets? Online media is an accessible, efficient and cost-effective addition to any marketing and sales strategy. There are, however, nuances that need to be managed with care when boundaries and cultures are crossed. Is your message getting “lost in translation?” Does a campaign that works well in one country mean the same thing in another? Are your word choices culturally sensitive or culturally inconsiderate?

HessConnect helps global clients navigate the slippery slope of marketing to the world, ensuring the right messages resonate with the right audiences. As someone who has lived in several countries and is fluent in three languages, I am adept at transitioning businesses into new markets, with a specialty in advising global leaders looking to enter the U.S. market. Coupling a legal background with an international upraising positions me with a unique insight to the continually evolving legalities and interpretative layers associated with conducting business in the global marketplace.

Case Studies


Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

Stockholm, Sweden

  • US tailored social media channels, grew engagement by over 400% within first year in US
  • Double client increase

Though MIPS technology had manufacturing in China, was headquartered in Stockholm and doing business all over the European market, the US market demanded an entirely different approach than its European counterparts. There were not only issues with language, grammar and cultural marketing distinctions, but also several legal sensitivities requiring a careful evaluative lens through which all messaging required an experienced filter. Using my legal background along with experience of living in Sweden and other European countries, I was able to fill the gap that could otherwise have placed this company in a volatile legal environment. With the legal sensitivities in mind, we worked in collaboration with attorneys and PR firms to translate messaging using careful wording and approaches that have propelled this company to one of the most successful European-based sports protection companies in the US, and the world.


Health Research

Hamburg, Germany

  • Created monthly milestones
  • Goals are now being met, measured and streamlined
  • 3 x attendance and engagement increase at industry conferences from prior years

As a German pharmaceutical health researcher, Perleberg Pharma Partner Health Research, GmbH was faced with finding ways to adapt highly complex subject matter to an equally discerning audience as they expanded to the US market. With a team of multi-disciplinary medical professionals, sociologists, economists, and research specialists, the many benefits this company had to offer required several interpretative approaches. First, I did an in-depth audit of this particular company, its background, history, and current European audience. Second, insight to its counterparts and competitors in the US were vetted. Finally, I positioned Perleberg with the right online platforms and in a manner that would easily speak to a very narrowly niched audience in the right tone. With the right messaging mode on the most relevant online spheres, Perleberg spoke to a sold out audience at one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical international conferences based out of the US. Though attending and presenting in this venue before, the company had never experienced an off-line engagement of this caliber before.

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