Your constituents are increasingly turning to social media for reliable, up-to-date news about the communities in which they live.

Is your government or public agency keeping up with the way the public is communicating and accessing information? If you are struggling to integrate social media into your larger communications strategy, you are not alone. I can help. I will fully integrate your online marketing efforts to manage your agency seamlessly by:

  • Stretch marketing budgets by improving efficiencies, growing reach and reducing costs
  • Strengthen the public’s trust in government and public offices
  • Improve services to constituents by providing information in real-time on multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Better engage citizens in collaborative government
  • Fluidly handle crisis management
  • Listening and interacting with the public in the social media sphere

The public sector has an entirely different set of legal concerns than those of attorneys when it comes to online marketing.

This sector owes an accountability to its constituents, tax payers and other members of the public that sets it apart from most other industries. Social media has both positive and negative implications for agencies. The legal issues all agencies need to be aware of include:

  • First Amendment issues related to government restrictions on speech
  • Use of public resources, including both personal and political use
  • Restrictions on employee use of social media, on behalf of both the agency and personally
  • Open meeting (Brown Act) type of legal issues
  • Public records retention and disclosure issues.
  • Listening and interacting with the public in the social media sphere


Because online marketing is constantly evolving, compliance and optimal use of online engagement is furthermore ensured by regularly scheduled workshops. These are often in a collaborative, in house environment. This is one of the ways I ensure that compliance, online optimization, and questions are always addressed in a timely manner. Because online messaging spreads rapidly, it is crucial to address any mounting issues well before it becomes an irreparable mess. By choosing to offer my services through a high touch, hands-on business model, I can quickly and responsively mobilize online strategies uniquely essential to public agencies.

Case Studies


Montecito Water District

San Diego, United States

  • 2000% engagement increase
  • Double client increase

As so many other water districts in California, Montecito Water District felt the severe water drought. This community in particular was built on land with precious little water and the District’s General Manager announced a drastic and immediate 30% reduction by all! A moratorium on new home construction set in, pools and spas forbidden to empty or refill. The word, education and updates had to get out quickly to all constituents about rapidly evolving restrictions, before even more severe state mandated cut backs began. In collaboration with a large public relations agency HessConnect assembled an extensive plan to roll out a messaging campaign tailored to this area’s specific audience within a very tight time frame. Based on interactions and engagement stemming from on our online messaging, we used our audience’ tone, voice, and increased familiarity to build good, responsive relations. Residents eventually embraced the restrictions, and became California’s top water savers in the State as it trudged towards a Stage 4 level, cutting its water usage by a stunning 48% – far exceeding the 30% requirement.


Rancho Santa Fe Irrigation District

San Diego, United States

  • Created monthly milestones
  • Goals are now being met, measured and streamlined

With plenty of water usage on extensive private properties and golf courses, Rancho Santa Fe Irrigation District was hit particularly hard with Governor Brown’s mandatory restrictions early on during the drought. The much publicized water usage for this area as one of the highest in California did not make the situation and spotlight on residents or the District any easier. We needed to find a way to use online communications to educate and give initially resistant residents a very strong sense of community and responsibility towards the greater good. Together with one of largest government sector public relations firms, Rauch Communication Consultants, we worked closely and collaboratively with the Marketing Director of this District. I researched, vetted thoroughly, and became familiar with the community through the lenses of community-based events from both social and professional perspectives. I then implemented a very tailored online approach sensitive to the configurations and specific demographics by mirroring this particular community’s existing communications so they could easily identify with the online outreach. After only 2 months, our engagement rose by 2000%, and an average weekly reach of 150%.

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