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Top Tips for Being a Balanced Entrepreneur

3 Top Tips for Being a Balanced Entrepreneur — At Work and at Home

1. Disconnecting to re-connect.

Although it’s easy to see in retrospect, at the time of hard working weeks it is sometime impossible to have the right mindset allowing for a long term career – and life.  Before it affects relationships around you, start paying more attention to your environment by truly connecting and tuning in at home. This of course requires disconnecting from work in every way.  That means, turning off computers, phones, gadgetry in general. Focus on cooking that family meal, helping out with the homework, and fantasizing about your future with your partner.

2. Be present. Participate.

You must participate – carpool, pack the lunches, make a family meal, plan the next vacation, attend school events.  These events cannot be outsourced and you will never have another opportunity to re-live these particular moments. Cherish!

3. Prioritize – and Stick With It.

You know what’s important.  Schedule those regular dates, join the kids for fantasy football, little league, cooking together. Once you have made the affirmative decision to prioritize, calendar to ensure you are carving out time, and then stick with it.  Living close to work place or having an opportunity to work partially from home, can create plenty of life space to find that balance.

Having a real life balance by investing in those most important aspects, relationships, events in your personal life makes for a better business leader. Out of balance leaders, affects stress and quickly evolves into a destabilizer for the workplace as well. A harmonious leader, entrepreneur, or business owner, will set prime examples for everyone else in the business who may also be struggling to find this balance for longevity.