Do Not Underestimate The Power of Your Bio


Do not underestimate the power of your bio

The most visited and underutilized page on any firm’s website is the bio page. This is a place for you to outshine your competition, not only with your accomplishments and capabilities, but also as a way to sell yourself as personable, yet professional.

The bio should not be treated like a resume; listing technical skills, capabilities and qualifications but, rather a hearty, well-rounded picture of the lawyer. Not only are you showcasing accomplishments, speeches and articles but, you are also giving your client a taste of the services that your company offers

Lawyers should utilize the bio by focusing on not only how they advocate for their client but, also how they can establish trust and demonstrate why the client should choose you over the lawyer next door.

Consider utilizing a video for the bio; this allows you to engage and convey the passion you bring to each case. The video can also help break the ice and encourage the client to meet with you face-to-face.

Discuss your process, and how you plan interact with the client. Give them a brief explanation of the client experience. Express the benefits of being your client; ensure that you will not only fight for a successful outcome, but that they will reap the emotional benefits of being your client as well. Also, discuss how you will walk them through the process and guide them to make informed decisions that will positively affect their situation.

Bios can be exciting, and relevant. They are an important part to your marketing strategy and should be considered an important part in any firm’s web design.