Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest

Understanding Your Social Media Demographic: Part Four Pinterest

In previous weeks we’ve explored the Social Media Demographics of Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now we are going to delve into Pinterest. Pinterest is a Social Media website that allows the user to “pin” an image to a virtual pinboard and share them with others.  With unlimited boards for organizing the pins, the users can create ideas for their dream home, recipes, and even a bucket list.

Pinterest is used by 21 percent of online adults. Of those users, the overwhelming majority of users are female with a 25% difference between the men users at 8% and the women users at 33%.

Racially the users are very close with 21% white non-Hispanic, 20% Black non-Hispanic, and 18% Hispanic.

There is a big difference between the ages of the users.

Pinterest 1

There is also a large difference between the users and their education level.

Pinterest 2

Just as the user level increased with a higher level of education, so did the average income of the user. For the less than $30,000/year income bracket there is a 15% user rate. The $3,000-49,000/year income bracket there is a 21% user rate the $50,000-$74,000/year also has a 21% user rate. There is a jump to 27% user rate for the $75,000/year income bracket.

The majority (23%) of the users are from Suburban areas.  19% of the users are from urban areas and 17% of the users are from Rural areas.

Pinterest 3

Personally I love this social networking site. I use it to plan parties, get ideas for home renovations and inspiration for new dinners to feed my husband. If used properly, Pinterest could be a great way to reach a new demographic of clients.

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