referral traffic

Understanding Your Referral Traffic


Keeping up with your Facebook, Vine, Twitter, blog and all other Social Media venues it can be timely. However, understanding where your outreach is most effective can be beneficial.

Most analytic reports offer information about your referrals for the domain referral and the individual referral, both of which are important.  Once you identify your referrals, you can decide where to focus your future advertisements. Domain referrals are from a specific website. For example, if a lot of your referral traffic is coming from Facebook, then you may want to consider taking out paid advertisements. Individual referrals will help identify which specific pages are driving traffic. Also, if you’ve posted an article to your Facebook you can see if it has been shared or liked.  Knowing who and where these referrals are coming from can vastly change your future approach to marketing.

Catering your website to fit the needs of the users

Another example of understanding your referrals would be if you are small boutique and you notice that you are getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest. You may want to consider adding a “pin it” button to your website or webpages as this will help increase traffic. Also modifying the photos of the merchandise to better fit Pinterest’s platform may help your pin to be seen thought out Pinterest’s interface.

Increasing your credibility

Understanding referral traffic can also help you to build your network. For example, if you are a real estate broker and you find that an article you have published on your blog is also quoted by the newspaper, then this will not only expose you to a whole new audience of potential clients but will also expand your credibility within the local real estate market.

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