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What Your Web Design Colors are Saying About You

What Your Web Design Colors are Saying About You

Color is a tremendously valuable tool; it can evoke a multitude of emotions. Color can nourish your soul with nostalgic memories of a time gone by or bring back memories that you thought were tucked away under lock and key.

Color can influence feelings and attitudes; it can persuade our subconscious into feelings of hunger, anger, peace, or passion.

Colors are also used as descriptors, or as identifying marks for your brand that should transcend not only your web design but into all aspects of your Social Media campaign. Here is our guide of colors and what they are saying about your brand.  


Action, confidence, love, energy, power, strength, danger, anger, warning.

 Stimulates energy by increasing blood pressure, respiration and heartbeat; offers direction and draws attention.


Happiness, enlightenment, positive, optimism, irresponsible, unstable.

 Stimulates the mental process and nervous systems; encourages communication and activates memory.


Health, happy, compassion, weakness, immaturity, youth, fun, excitement.

Reduces erratic behavior, can encourage action and confidence. Certain shades evoke feelings of nonaggressive passion


Royal qualities, luxury, ambition, nobility, mystery, moodiness

Encourages creativity and an increased sense of spirituality.



Renewal, self-control, peace, money, fertility, healing, envy, jealousy, guilt

Helps to relax both mentally and physically, helps to alleviate anxiety, nerves and depression.


Experience, knowledge, wisdom, gloom, sadness, conservative

Creates expectations.


Trust, rest, calm, cold, fear, intelligence

Aids intuition, and increased productivity.


Warmth, energy, confidence, success, ignorance, sluggishness

Stimulates appetite and encourages socialization.


Power, authority power, sleek, sophistication

 Evokes a sense of potential and possibilities.


Purity, cleanliness, neutrality, cold, distant, fresh, innocence

 Aids in mental clarity.