Multi Platform

Does Your Web Design Cross Multiple Platforms?

Multi Platform

Does your web design cross multiple platforms?

Embracing newer technology is sometimes harder than you think. I’m always surprised when I look up something on my phone and the website looks nothing like it did when I checked it on my mobile device. I’m frustrated at the lack of functionality and annoyed that the information that I could easily access before has now become a cumbersome process.

It is so important that your website is not only appealing, informative and user-friendly on a desktop but that those same qualities cross all media platforms. You want customers to see your website not only on their desktop but also on their smart phones and tablets. The average persons takes one twentieth of a second to decide if a website is credible – what if your potential customers are looking at your site on a mobile device and it has not been optimized to work with smart phone technology? Could you lose a potential client because of this?

Make sure that you test your website; check that your website is not only accessible on the desktop but that customers who are utilizing another media platform can connect with you. Also test different forms of those media platforms; for example, the coding required on an iPhone can be very different than what is required on an Android or Blackberry.

There are tools and applications available to help you to optimize your website to reach multiple platforms. They won’t always be the same or make your website exactly the same as when viewed on a desktop but they will help to keep the basic ideas and functions of your website in place.

Ultimately, you have to be thinking about your customers.  Ask yourself, is my site useful, informative and user-friendly across all media platforms?

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