Is Your Website a Lead Generating Machine?

So, it hasn’t turned out that your website’s the lead generating machine you thought it would be. To begin addressing, take a closer look at these initial points that could be scaring visitors away:

1. Does your website profile match your visitor profile. Your website profile must match the characteristics of your visitor. If you have a CNN website and your visitor is Justin Bieber, well, your just off.

The tone and voice of your website must speak to the specific audience buying from you, or these visitors will not turn into great leads. The tone, visuals or content are not resonating with your visitors. If you can’t reach out to establish a connection that resonates with the visitor, it is time to adjust by pinpointing the characteristics of your buyer profile. Start off by asking:

  • What are their ages?
  • What is the education level?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What worries them?
  • What excites them?

Then, start streamlining content to attract these people.

2. You’re ranking for keywords no one searches for. That’s great – if people are searching for those precise keyword terms. Often, we see websites rank strong for keywords, but they may not be the ones people use when searching online or in every day conversation when discussing your services. However, by triggering a query you can generate interest in these keywords by creating a press release, authoring an article, speaking events, fully optimizing your social media platforms and utilizing any other traditional off line marketing tools you still have in storage.

3. Where and what is your call to action? Never assume visitors to your website know what to do once they are there. Is it abundantly clear that once they have landed and evaluated your services, the next logical step is to fill out that “Contact Us” form? Or, should they pick up the phone and reach out to you this way? You must always tell them, so make it very clear what next steps they should take.  If you have authored or created any relevant pieces of information about your services, use this is an incentive to offer in exchange for visitors to take action.

If you are still unclear on how best to define and match your website to your buyer persona, we are happy to have a complimentary consultation with you to establish the best pathway for your unique online voice and expression.

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