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Why storytelling is the hottest new legal marketing tactic

Not all blogs are created equal, and here is why storytelling is the hottest new legal marketing tactic. The National Law Review

“For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”

Those six simple words, commonly attributed to Ernest Hemingway, represents the beginning of a story. A story we need, want, desire to continue. As former legal editor and currently content strategist,  Keith Ecker states “Within that fragment lie hope, tragedy and a sense of moving on. It is an extreme but brilliant example of effective storytelling because it establishes all the foundational elements required of any coherent narrative, while satiating the reader’s appetite for intrigue and drama. By its nature, it draws you in and leaves you demanding more – the exact desired effect of any quality piece of marketing content.”

Mr. Ecker so eloquently points out that indeed the legal industry is so rooted in the logical that you would think there is little need to appeal to the emotional. But the law’s reliance on logic does not mean that the legal industry can succeed without pathos.

By its nature, law is a person-driven business. After all, we call it “professional services,” because – unlike consumer product companies that manufacture widgets – the law is built on trusted relationships uniquely informed by the personality and skill sets of the individual professional. Likewise, the work being conducted as part of the attorney-client relationship is almost always person-centric, even if the parties involved are not actually individuals. For instance, while it is obvious that a personal injury case is centered around the injuries sustained by an individual, brokering a corporate merger is also a people-oriented transaction, since the results of the merger have a direct and serious impact on the owners, investors, customers and, of course, employees of the merged companies.

So, as much as we might want to dismiss emotion from the practice of law and the selling of legal services, emotion counts. But why is it so important? And just how can we, as practitioners and legal marketers, leverage the tenets of quality storytelling to further our business goals? Listen, because I’m about to tell you a story.

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