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Work-Around for LinkedIn Connections

In the past if you wanted to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you had to describe how you knew them in your connection request. Selecting a group you share used to be the main way to meet new people. The ability to connect through a shared group has now disappeared, but we have a work-around for LinkedIn connections ability.

LinkedIn business coach Brynne Tillman kindly and cleverly shared an excellent article showing you a backdoor trick for getting past it:

  1. Visit the profile of the person you are looking to connect with
  2. Click the star (relationship) button to save them as a connection
  3. Copy their name
  4. Click on Connections on the top bar
  5. Paste their name in the search bar in the middle of the page
  6. Hover below their location and click connect
  7. Type your note and send

No need to answer “How do you know…”.

BONUS: As of September 25, the LinkedIn App offers the option to send a personalized note. When on your prospective connections profile, click on the box with the arrow on the top right corner. You will be given the option to write a personal note…it is about time!

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