Achieving Work-Life Balance through cloud computing

Work-Life Balance through the Cloud

The mobility offered by cloud computing has been touted as a way to stay in touch with clients more often and in more ways. This mobility can aid both the work-obsessed and those who strive to balance a full work life and a personal life. Work-life balance is possible.

I understand those all consumed by their job are today no doubt thrilled that cloud mobility allows them to remain connected 24/7. Those people who took fax machines with them to cabins in Lake Tahoe in the 90s, and studied blackberries all through dinner in the 2000s, can now take their tablets to bed with them and have 24/7 access to all the client files they desire.

On the flip side, those who are equally dedicated but wish to preserve time to parent their children or attend to other non-work interests, the cloud may be a dream come true.

A Focus Research 2012 white paper, available from the Clio newsletter, describes how the cloud has made mobile access efficient and reliable. The paper, titled, “The Cloud Computing Guide for Legal,” outlines how cloud computing offers Work-Life balance to lawyers today:

“Mobility – With today’s mobility, a dad can leave early for a child’s doctor appointment, and finish work at home with no hassle. As the paper describes:

With traditional desktop software, your data was often “trapped” on your desktop. Accessing your data from a mobile device, if not impossible, would often involve a cumbersome and error-prone “syncing” process.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, offers “live” access to your cloud computing software and data via a mobile-optimized website or application. You can potentially access gigabytes of cloud-based data on-demand without any need for a cumbersome sync process, and you have the confidence you’re always looking at the most up-to-date version of your data.

No more worries making sure the document, and the correct version, are stored on your laptop. Flash drives were helpful for that, but cloud programs can assure you always have the most current version.” Reach out to us  here at HessConnect for several ideas about plans, campaigns, and apps that will streamline your Work-Life balance for the legal industry.