Your Law Firms Unique Proposition

Your Law Firm’s Unique Proposition

Finding your Law Firm’s Unique Proposition is key to earning trust and eventually generating leads.

Note, we did not say finding your law firm’s “unique competitive proposition” or “unique competitive advantage.” Why eliminate the use of “competitive” you wonder? Because when you are marketing efficiently, meaningfully, providing true value to your client, there is no competition. Let us explain.

Stating “we focus on quality” will not gain you any competitive advantage. Why? Because no one searches for an attorney whom they assume does not offer quality services.  Look at bankers for example. You know those big billboards stating “free checking” – really? Does that in any way WOW you? No! Nowadays, this is a given. There is nothing unique about that.

The most common and bland hithers include “we focus on quality,” “years of experience,” “free introductory consultation,” or “service oriented.” If your firm is guilty of including these self-evident notions on their online platforms, let’s move on to finding your truly unique proposition statement and story.  Sharing your background, story and tone will create your law firm’s unique proposition and position you in a way that will resonate in a memorable manner.

Stay away from the “me too” mentality where you claim to be just as good as all other attorneys out there. This will place you as a commodity purchased and defined simply based on price.

Here are a few easy ways to focus on your unique value proposition to gain recognition and earn trust.  No one else can match you in this way. This is where you begin offering YOU and your services as a human being rather than yet another faceless entity in a competitive cluster of dollars for hours market.  Ask yourself:

  1. What benefits do clients gain when working with me or my firm?
  2. What value do individuals gain when working with me?
  3. Why shouldn’t I list all my practice areas on my website? (hint: focusing on a niche is key to building a lifestyle firm while earning trust and credibility in your community – people don’t want to work with a generalist)
  4. How will social media help me get clients? (hint: the main goal with social media includes engaging with individuals in meaningful ways while directing them to your website or blog)
  5. How will gaining traffic to my website or blog generate leads and finally conversions? (hint: have a clear call to action which may be to set an appointment, download a free report or sign up for an e-book/newsletter)

Ultimately, you must educate, engage – and even entertain – your prospects in a way that is meaningful to them on their turf (platform). After getting to know, like, and trust you, continue providing valuable information to prospects on your website or blog. Offer an education as to what you and your law firm’s unique proposition is to stand out, connect and generate engagement.

Engage with us here at HessConnect so we can help you articulate and further define your unique proposition, to set you apart and stand out.