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YouTube Brand Channels & Your Business

YouTube Brand Channels & Your Social Media Strategy

What is a YouTube Brand Channel?

A YouTube Brand Channel is a channel that is completely customizable for your business and is used to engage with potential customers or clients. The user can view videos, add comments, subscribe, and share your videos with friends on multiple Social Media platforms.

What are the benefits of a YouTube Brand Channel?

Brand channels are great because they allow you to engage with your customers. Ultimately, the more exposure your brand can get, the better. YouTube Brand Channels can be used to post commercials, how-to videos, behind the scenes, tours of the office and/or factory, messages from the CEO, posting viral videos, thank you messages, really the options are endless. The more frequently you can get your brand in front of the customer, the more likely they are to remember you when they find themselves in need of your products or services.

What are your YouTube Brand Channel Options?

There are three types of YouTube Brand Channels, all with varying pricing and available options:

  1. User Channel: Cost-free, available to any YouTube user, use of YouTube Analytics to measure your results, easy set up.
  2. Brand Channel: Cost-free through YouTube representative, allows branding with customizable background, and header.
  3. Custom Brand Channel: All the bells and whistles including: video management, analytics, branding, gadgets (web applications, media ads), user generated submissions, live streaming, and client services.

How to maximize the benefits of the YouTube Brand Channel

Not every media platform is right for every company, but if you choose to utilize the YouTube Brand Channel, it is important that you monitor, post frequently and maintain it just like all other Social Media platforms.

  1. Monitor: Check the analytics weekly, this will ensure that you are reaching the user level you desire. Constant evaluation of what you’re achieving against what your goals are, will ensure that your goals stay on track. If they stray at all you can correct it before it gets out of hand
  2. Frequent Post: Make a calendar of regular post, quarterly messages from the CEO, monthly product spotlights and how-to videos; these will help keep the product fresh in the customer’s mind.
  3. Maintain: Keep up with comments, read, review, and respond to help your viewers know that they’re being heard. Their voice matters: Even if the comment is an unfavorable, it can help you evaluate your customer’s needs, how they are/are not being met, and how you can adjust to meet and exceed their expectations.

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