Four Steps to Establishing Online Credibility

Four Steps to Establishing Online Credibility

Credibility is important, especially online. I always check reviews before making purchases online. I research everything, from simple grocery items off of Amazon to which organization I choose for my next Groupon adventure. I want to know that my purchase will be processed by a reputable company who will produce a product and/or service that I can be excited about and eventually refer my friends and family.

Armed with this information, how can you be sure that your company is considered a credible company? How can you be sure that people choose you over just anybody?

Below we’ve offered our four steps to establishing online credibility

  1. Know your stuff –you must be an authority for what you do. Write blogs, provide information, share links, and offer advice. Become the go-to expert of whatever the product or service is you provide. In school, we are taught to cite our sources and use specific example to back up our claims and cases. Prove to your customers that you are the specialist they have been seeking.
  2. Be Visible – Social Media websites are fabulous tools that only require time. Keep your company profiles up-to-date. Post frequently, especially on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. Ask your clients to offer reviews at the end of services, especially on sites like LinkedIn and Yelp.
  3. Consistency is key- keep a routine and stick to it as best as you can, especially with your social media accounts. Create a schedule and keep it the same from week to week and month to month. Not only does this organize you, your business, and your marketing strategy, but your customers will appreciate the familiarity of the routine.
  4. Build relationships – join professional organizations that have an online presence and contribute to their conversations. Exchange blog posts with professionals in your network and be active on their social media accounts. Ask them to share and like your post; just make sure to reciprocate. This fosters good will, which gives people those warm fuzzies that they want when looking for a credible company.