google glass in courtroom

Google Glass in the Courtroom

Whoaaa! Really? How will law firms use Google Glass in the courtroom??

How do you utilize new technology when it comes to your firm? One firm is incorporating Google Glass ato provide evidence in personal injury cases.

A Phoenix firm has been giving their personal injury clients Google Class to provide visual documentation of their injuries showing how this is debilitating their daily lives. Cleverly, this firm is calling the project “Glass Action.” The firm obtained Google Glass via Google’s Explorer Program giving individuals the opportunity to use Google Glass to shape the way masses would utilize the product.

“Jurors will now be able to see the nuances of a victim’s daily challenges firsthand,” one of the firm attorneys state. Further ideas include using Google Glass with witnesses and jurors in mock trials. Yes, a practice run may well be useful while most of us are still just now wrapping our minds around this new shiny object weighing its practical effects – particularly in the legal arena.

Here’s how it would work: just before the case is called, the Glass is instructed to ‘go live’ at which point real time audio and video starts feeding at the office, and on your private YouTube, Google Hangout and any other channels established so the new associates can view and learn from office in a variety of locations. Meanwhile, a private link is share with clients so they also have ability to view and keep up on the process.

The verdict is still out on whether Google Glass is a viable tool in the courtroom and as a practical means to keep all involved up to date on proceedings. For those attorneys in the courtroom – would you use it? Why or why not? Post a comment and let us know your thoughts.