Vine vs Instagram Video Duel

Vine vs Instagram: Which Will Be The Champion For Your Business?

Amid A Flurry Of Updates – Vine vs Instagram’s Video Duel

This is exciting news for everyone, especially if you are already utilizing Instagram in your Social Media Marketing plan. Just last month we shared with you all of the benefits of utilizing Vine in your Social Media strategy. Both video sharing applications offer similar options, however they are uniquely different and you may find yourself using one over the other.

How Does Vine Work?

Vine is so easy my grandma can do it! Simply tap and hold anywhere on the screen to fill the 6 second time span. This action can be done as many times as desired to provide a stop-motion style video, popular with animators, or a press and hold for the full 6 seconds to provide a full 6 second length video. With Vine you can decide if you want to share the video you’ve created, or keep it on your personal camera roll. The videos are looped so they play over and over essentially providing a never ending video. It is important to note that Vine does not have an editing feature yet however, it is expected that this will come in a future update.

Searching for new videos on Vine is also very user friendly. The viewer can search by Popular Now, Editor’s Picks, or trending Hashtags. Users can also re-vine a video to promote its popularity within their network.

Although Vine is relatively new to Social Media users, it offers a myriad of marketing opportunities. Which businesses are taking advantage of this new video sharing platform? Tropicana, GoPro, General Electric, and Nintendo. Sign up for Vine here.

How Does Instagram Work?

Instagram is also very easy to use. It requires a just a single tap to the camera button to begin and end recording for a 15 second video. Insatgram’s videos are not looped and play just once. Even though, Instagram requires the user to post the video, simple focus and exposure adjustments can be made during the recording process to help increase the video’s quality. Just like the photos you post to Instagram, you can apply one of the 13 filters to the video prior to upload.

Instagram cannot differentiate its videos from its photos therefore making it difficult to find or search for videos.

With over 100 million users worldwide, Instagram is not new to the Social Media world. In fact within the first 24 hours of the new update, over five million videos were uploaded by users.  There have already been multiple corporations taking advantage of reaching their customers through the added video option inducing, Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, Red Vine Candy, and Burberry

Both video sharing applications allow the viewer to scroll though their feeds and automatically play the videos as they scroll. Both allow embedding into other applications for use on other Social Media platforms, websites, documents, and so on. Both allow privacy settings keeping your videos shared within your network. Sign up for Instagram here.

What are the benefits of using Video for your Business?

Utilizing Video sharing applications as part of your marketing strategy can be extremely beneficial to your brand. Consumers want to be in the know and get up-to-date information from brands they care about. This helps to cultivate and nurture a strong business-consumer relationship. The possible video opportunities are endless. Posting informational tips and tricks, messages from the CEO, the introduction of a new service and/or product, or even creating a Viral Video will only serve to get your brand out and in front of the consumers.

Whichever your preference in a video sharing applications, one thing is certain, videos will enhance your customer reach, giving you an edge over your competitors!