Meaningful Blogging in a Time Sensitive World

Meaningful Blogging in a Time Sensitive World

We’re all mostly working in a time-sensitive world, but what does it mean to blog in a meaningful way within this time frame most of us work with? Meaningful blogging in a time sensitive world is best described as having an understanding initially that, unlike paid-for-ads or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, is not so much about generating massive traffic, but rather building a trustworthy reputation as a “go to” lawyer and relationships.

Here are the four top things to think about as you blog to make it as meaningful and efficient as possible with what little time you have…

1. Focus on a niche.

2. Follow leading bloggers, reporters, and writers in this niche

3. Follow subjects whether they be laws, terms of art, companies, products/services, or people related to your niche somehow, and finally,

4. Engage in the conversation.

The conversation is what people in your particular niche are passionate about. Engaging these folks will get you seen and, over time, get you cited. It is an art to engage locally, nationally, subject-wise, or even company or person-wise. Genuine interactions are where meaningful blogging in a time sensitive world and your schedule join to create value for you and your business.


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