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Online Legal Marketing: Find Your Style and Understand Your Client

Online legal marketing is not just about blogging and tweeting random pieces of legal information.  Although there’s something to be said for varying your content to attract a diverse audience, it also helps if you concentrate your online legal marketing efforts within a certain sphere.  In order to target your audience, and in your online legal marketing: find your style and understand your customer.

Find Your Style

You may not think of yourself as a stylish firm or agency but the fact is that everyone has a style, whether they know it or not.  So it’s all about just letting your inner style emerge.  In order to do this, you may have to do a bit of digging.  The area in which you work is of utmost importance, of course.  If you’re working in real estate law which caters to serious investors, you probably want to come across as serious and not frivolous.  At the same time, there used to be a time when people didn’t associate style with technology.  Computers and cell phones were clunky things that you dragged around for convenience.  Now, they can be stylish and useful at the same time.  So think ahead to how you visualize your firm’s style in the long run.

Find Your Voice

A firm or an agency can also have a voice, just like a  person.  People can be gentle, gregarious, sensitive, brainy or helpful.  So can firms or agencies.  You need to think about what exactly your firm’s voice is like.  Do you pride yourself on making your customers feel at home?  Or your ingenuity in finding the answers to every problem?  Depending on what your attitude is within your firm, you can adapt the same tone in your online legal marketing efforts.

Understand Your Client

It’s all well and good to find your voice and your style but if neither of the two appeals to your customer, then you’re going to be in trouble.  Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll start appealing to a different set of customers.  However, it might also be necessary for you to understand your customers and tailor your online legal marketing efforts to them.  Are the people who avail themselves of your services young and restless or are they middle-aged and stable?  Do they belong to any particular subculture?  Are they members of a minority group?  How do they think?  What attracts them?  What are their interests?  By knowing these things, you’ll be able to empathize and give them what they’re looking for.

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